Review: He Enhanced My Buttocks And Added Fat To My Hip Area
 Oct 6, 2015 | connie19 | Chicago, IL
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In my late teens, I began not liking the way my… 6 Oct 2015 4 months post In my late teens, I began not liking the way my rear looked in jeans. Since then, I always wore longer tops in order to hide it. I thought of enhancing my buttocks but I did not want to do implants. A couple years ago I learned of the fat transfer procedure. Considering I was 5’5” and 125 lbs, I wondered if I had enough fat to transfer to my buttocks. I researched surgeons in my area and found Dr. Memar. After finding as much information on him as I could, I made an appointment for a consult. His assistant was very thorough and honest. Because I am not a large person, she said I might not see a result as many others but my buttock area will surely be enhanced. When I met with Dr. Memar he said the same. I was very boy shaped and was aiming for a more sculptured look so I wanted to lipo my bra bulge area, mid and low back, and inner thighs. After meeting with them, I decided to schedule the procedure. The date was just over a month away. I was told not to diet so I did not but what ended up happening is I gained weight….approximately 10 lbs. I guess I figured I should harvest a little more fat for the procedure. The procure went very well. I did not remember being there as long as I was but I do remember Dr. Memar performing it and being very gentle. His assistants were very comforting and soothing. They kept me calm and made the experience go that much smoother. He enhanced my buttocks and added fat to my hip area. Some parts of the procedure were uncomfortable but I don’t remember having a great deal of pain during the surgery. I saw an improvement right away but I knew it was mostly due to the swelling from the surgery. Recovery was a whole different story………….. The first week was absolute torture for me. When you’re told not to sit on your butt for a week it doesn’t seem all that bad until you actually attempt it. Because I could not lye on my back or sides, I did not get much sleep at all. I would sleep about an hour at a time and be up most of the day and night. Lying on my stomach made my face swell too and because I spent a lot of time on my feet, my legs also became swollen. Dealing with the pain and sleep deprivation is enough to want to commit suicide. The pain medication made me sick and the nausea medication gave me headaches so I did not take either. Relied on herbal therapy and Aleve for comfort. There was no bruising at all and the incision marks were very tiny. By the second week it was a little better. I tried to stay off my bottom as often as I could. I was very happy with the results. After 6 weeks I noticed my buttocks were way smaller than I expected but I was told it would go down and slowly build back up. It has been 4 months now and it did improve. It looks very natural and not like I had work done. I’m very happy with the results thus far and for me, it was all totally worth it. I was not looking for the Nikki Minaj look….just wanted enough to fit the rest of my body and so far that’s what I got. I’ll post pictures in the near future. Like 2

He enhanced my buttocks and added fat to my hip area
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