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Benjamin Caughlin, MD

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Facial Plastic Surgeon Chicago: Benjamin Caughlin, MD

 Plastic Surgeon: Specializing in facial procedures under local anesthesia

Safer procedures, Shorter Recovery, Saves the patient money and downtime

Known as the Filler Specialist

Filler correction wizard, corrects filler asymmetries, using cannulas

Less bruising, less needle pokes, less PAIN!

Dr. Caughlin is a plastic surgeon in Chicago is well known for his techniques in facial aesthetic surgery. He has written and lectured on topics of facial plastic surgery. He completed his residency at the University of Illinois at Chicago and completed a fellowship to gain specialized training in facial plastic surgery at the University of California Irvine in Orange County California. In Orange County he gained extensive experience in plastic surgery which he brings back to Chicago.  His mentors are considered leaders in rhinoplasty, facelift and eyelid surgery. In Chicago he has perfected the “Loop” facelift.  While Dr. Caughlin’s specific interests include minimally invasive procedures using tumescent anesthesia, he also specializes in procedures such as eyelid surgery done painlessly under only local anesthesia allowing for speedy recovery.


At the busy John H. Stroger Jr. Hospital of Cook County Dr. Caughlin is on attending staff to treat facial trauma, traumatic/burn scars and teach surgical techniques to both the University of Illinois and Northwestern Surgical Residents.  He is also on staff at the Jessie Brown VA of Chicago where he is helping to develop surgical treatment options for the transgender population. He is trained in facial feminization and gender affirming surgeries of the face and is working to offer our veterans the best care possible.

I trained in Chicago with pillars in the field of facial plastic surgery.

“After Chicago my wife and I moved to Orange County California because there is no better place to refine plastic surgery skills. We had a California baby and are now are back in Chicago, the city we love. In Orange County, where plastic surgery is a staple, I worked with many different surgeons and was exposed to a plethora of different techniques. Through my experiences I have seen the good and bad aspects of plastic surgery. It is this intense exposure to plastic surgery that has given me the skill and confidence I need to ultimately result in happy patients. For me, as a specialist facial plastic surgeon, it is all about having happy patients. I focused solely on facial plastic surgery because I feel strongly about sub-specialization in medicine to maximize patient results. My aesthetic end points have evolved so that I appreciate a slow transition of patients to a smooth and youthful look with a focus on a natural appearance. In my view the “overdone” look can be less attractive than a naturally aged look. It is finding this balance that is key.

My philosophy is to embrace and enhance the individual inherent beauty that each person has by using specifically learned and proven techniques to camouflage or correct any imperfections.

I build a plan for facial rejuvenation through detailed discussion and facial analysis tailored to each patient. All this is done with the goal of achieving a non-operated, youthful and refreshed look accomplished with the least invasive procedure possible. Most procedures I am able to offer patients the option to forego general anesthesia which is ultimately safer and speeds up the recovery process.”

My best results are obtained through a range of procedures from simple, non-invasive, injectable and resurfacing procedures to a limited facelift, eyelid, nasal or neck procedures with hidden scars.

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