My Waist Is Tiny And Everything Is Truly Improving
“My waist is tiny and everything is truly improving”
Oct 28, 2015 | luckygirl2015 | Chicago, IL
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After several hours and hours of research and… 28 Oct 2015 2 months post After several hours and hours of research and consultations (including Miami FL where they say the best BBL doctors are) I wanted to research Chicago as it is closer to my home. Upon my first visit to Dr. Memar he spent a lot of time with me discussing the fat transfer and BBL procedure and I was ELATED to know that he would not put me fully under anesthesia, (no iv/no needles), using oral medications and no drainage tubes. My best friend had this done from one of the plastic best surgeons in Miami and their was definitely scarring where the tubes were inserted during surgery not to mention she was dragging the tubing/bulbs (4 in all!) around on her body for two weeks! During my consultation he suggested other areas of my body that could benefit from liposuction and used in the fat transfer to buttocks. (Arms/back/inner thighs/stomach) The SURPRISE was that he really worked on overall cost and made it so it fit the budget I had in mind! I was thrilled and it was less than the Miami cost for a BBL ONLY!! Lisa (his assistant) was excellent in preparing me with everything I would need for surgery day! Surgery day came, Lisa was amazing with support through the entire procedure. There were no needles, no drainage tubes and he used every ounce of fat for my BBL. To my shock, I was able to walk out of the clinic and go up flights of stairs after the surgery!! Now over two months later, I am thrilled!!! The swelling is down and my buttocks are just right! The rest of the areas he removed fat, LOVE IT!! My waist is tiny and everything is truly improving as time goes on, just like he said it would (up to one year of body changes for the better)!! I have no scarring from tubes. My best friend could not believe it since she had one of the best surgeon in FL and unfortunately it did result in some scarring from the tubing and the recovery with the drainage tubes was miserable. I am now forever loyal to Dr. Memar and with his innovative thinking…I am going to him for everything I need so I can receive the best results and best pricing! He understands we women don’t want to look pulled tight with plastic faces…so thinking my next plan is to try his non-invasive face lift that the skin is delicately and strategically adjusted through the scalp area so it looks natural and not the obvious “shiny / fake face” that we see so often. He is an innovator in assisting women in maintaining a youthful look as long as possible! We don’t see INNOVATIVE thinking doctors like him, he is a revolutionary LEADER (not a follower) in the beauty industry!!!

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