Liposuction in Chicago, IL

At Chicago’s Dermatologic Cosmetic and Plastic Surgery we perform different forms of liposuction depending on the specific need and issue. We perform the following forms of liposuction:

1, Tumescent Liposuction

2. Body Jet Water-Assisted Liposuction System

3. Vaser Ultrasound-Assisted Liposuction

4. Laser-Assisted Liposuction

What is liposuction?

It’s a procedure where a tube with an opening at the tip is used to remove fat from under the skin from various parts of the body.

This fat removal procedure was invented in 1973 by Dr Fischer in Italy.  Since then, the procedure has evolved greatly.  The most important advancement was made by a dermatologic surgeon by the name of Dr. Klein.  His invention made liposuction a much safer procedure and hence made the procedure available to so many more people.

In the U.S., liposuction is the most common cosmetic procedure done.  In 2014, members of the American Society for Dermatologic Surgery performed 207,000 body sculpting procedures.  In 2015, 222,051 procedures were reported by American Society of Plastic Surgeons.

Lose stubborn fat with liposuction

Liposuction can help both women and men who want to improve certain areas of their body by removing fatty deposits.

The procedure is very effective, and the surgeons here at Dermatologic Cosmetic and Plastic Surgery are highly experienced in the newest liposuction techniques and technologies.



Liposuction can be used to contour many areas of the body.

The most common areas include:

  • Under the chin: the small incision is made right under the chin and right behind the earlobes.
  • Upper back: incision is made beneath the area that is going to receive the liposuction.
  • Arms: incision is made at the elbow area.
  • Male Chest: incision is made in the arm pit and at the nipple edge (areola).
  • Female Chest: incision is made at the nipple edge and arm pit.
  • Upper abdomen: area above the belly button. The incision can be in the belly button or the sides of the abdomen.
  • Lower abdomen: area below the belly button. The insertion site can be in the lower belley button and the lower folds.
  • The Love handles: incisions can be in the front or the back side, depending on the size and exact distribution of the fatty deposits.
  • Bra fat
  • Area above the genitals (aka FUPA, Happy pillow, etc)
  • Buttocks
  • Outer thigh
  • Inner thigh
  • Above the knee
  • Ankles
What areas can be treated with liposuction?

What Happens During a Liposuction Surgery?Chicago Liposuction Procedure

We first hold a consultation to determine whether or not the patient is a good candidate.  During this consultation, the surgeon and the patient discuss together the patient’s expectations to assure that expectations match what the doctor thinks is possible.

When a patient arrives the day of their procedure, they will be prepared for surgery.

During the first step, the doctor will mark where on the patient’s body the surgery will occur.  The doctor will identify both the site of entry and the area that will be suctioned.

Next, patients are given a medication to relax them and once it has taken affect, the anesthesia, which numbs the patient, is injected into the area that is going to receive the liposuction.

During the procedure, the doctor uses a cannula, a thin tube, which is inserted into the incision.

Fat is then removed through the cannula.

Once the doctor has removed the targeted fat and contoured the area, Liposuction doctors in chicago ila tight fitting compression garment that keeps the skin around the area from getting saggy.

While some results will appear within days, the full affect can take up to 18 months to materialize as the body continues to adapt to its new shape.

Benefits of Liposuction:before after liposuction pictures

  • Relatively simple and safe and offers consistent results.
  • Works on a variety of body parts: abdomen, muffin tops, thighs, buttocks, men’s chests, arms, chin, neck, etc.
  • Most patients report minimal pain and are able to walk immediately after surgery.
  • Almost all patients are able to return to work and other normal activities within a few short days.

Is Liposuction Right for You?

Liposuction is meant for the removal of deep fatty deposits that are resistant to diet and exercise. It is reserved for people in good health. You should not be on a blood thinner. If you diet and exercise and still have stubborn rolls, then liposuction might help you.

Tumescent liposuction done in Chicago has revolutionized liposuction surgery done in Chicago.  With the Tumescent Technique, large volumes of saline solution, local anesthesia, and adrenaline are infused into the fatty area being treated to cause swelling. This enables your surgeon to maneuver a small instrument called a canulla, connected to a vacuum machine, superficially under the skin. The cannula is inserted into the fatty tissue through tiny incisions. Your surgeon gently moves it around under your skin and suctions away the unwanted fatty deposits to reveal more attractive contours.


While liposuction is not designed to correct general obesity, any area where excess fat deposits have accumulated can be treated. These include the chin, neck, jowls, cheeks, arms, inner and outer thighs, buttocks, knees, hips and abdomen.  Men with enlarged breasts can also benefit from liposuction.

Prior to surgery, a complete medical history is taken in order to evaluate the general health of the patient.  Also, this surgery is almost always performed under local anesthesia.


Ultrasound-assisted liposuction (UAL)

Ultrasound is used either under or through the skin to breakup fat cells. The procedure is used more often for fibrous areas, like male breast or upper back as seen with HIV lipohypertrophy.

Example of this is the VASER.

Complications: Seroma formation, localized ulceration or burn.

Average cost: $4,000

Power-assisted liposuction (PAL)

The cannula is moved in and out in a piston like fashion, and helps alleviate the surgeon’s hand fatigue, however it can increase the risk of vibration neuropathy in the surgeon hands. No study shows this technique is superior to conventional liposuction for the patient’s end result.

Complications: Seroma formation and skin irregularities, ulceration.

Average cost: $4,000

Water-assisted liposuction (WAL) or Tickle Lipo

Watery solution is continuously infiltrated as fat is removed. There are no scientific studies showing the superiority of this technique. I would worry about electrolyte imbalances caused by this.

Example includes the Jet water device.

Complications: Same as conventional liposuction, but this is too new to judge.


R Frieser
R Frieser
21:59 11 Jan 17
I've been a patient of Dr Memar's for a decade now. He is one of the most patient centered and approachable experts I have come across. He is up to date on, and contributing to the latest scientific research. He is a gifted surgeon and a dermatologist with encyclopedic knowledge of his field. His diagnostic skills are impeccable and when he talks with you, it feels like you are his only patient for the day and the absolute center of his attention. Above all though, he is also a very warm and caring individual, a genuinely good human being. He seems to have a talent for surrounding himself with similarly compassionate and professional staff. As others have mentioned on here, his practice has a distinct friendly and caring family vibe.
Ali Djalilian
Ali Djalilian
18:34 25 Dec 16
He is an amazing dermatologist and cosmetic surgeon. I have been around thousands of physicians in my career and with absolute certainty I can say he is the best of the best. First, he is brilliant and has fantastic clinical judgement. In terms of surgical skills, he is truly a master both technically and artistically. Likewise, scientifically he truly understands mechanisms and the basis of disease and treatments. He is not bound by traditions and thinks creatively outside the box including alternative and natural therapies. On top of all this, he is a genuine human being who treats everyone with respect. Needless to say that I have trusted him with the most sensitive surgical procedures on my face and hair with fantastic outcomes. He is truly a gem!
Javad kiani
Javad kiani
19:01 25 Dec 16
I am a patient of Dr Memar. He transplanted 2000 hair follicles to the front and top of my head. The hair line looks so natural that no one can tell that anything was done. I am extremely pleased with the results. He is such a nice who has the best bedside manner. He definitely puts patient interest first. His staff are also great, so kind and helpful. He is the best!!!
Isabel Larraza
Isabel Larraza
23:02 22 Dec 16
I love Dr. Memar. He is caring and kind and takes the time to talk to you and make you feel comfortable. I look forward to seeing him every time I come and always leave very happy with the results. He also will tel you straight what you need and will deter you from doing what is not necessary. He is the best.
Omid Razavi
Omid Razavi
01:03 26 Dec 16
Dr. Memar is fantastic doctor, I visited him more 10 times, I would rather go to his office for issues instead of other doctors. He solved my issues very easily and I would like to go there again and again. his behavior is extremely good.
nicole mather
nicole mather
16:06 20 Dec 16
I highly recommend Dr. Memar and his staff! They are so accommodating to my busy schedule. He is so very detailed to make sure I completely understand my appointments and am comfortable with my treatments and procedures.
Viviana Ostberg
Viviana Ostberg
16:20 21 Dec 16
The girl at the front desk was very friendly. I went to Dr. Memar because a friend recommended him. He was very nice, I felt very comfortable talking to him and showing him what I needed... By the way beautiful office!
Chicago one
Chicago one
21:42 21 Feb 17
Dr. Memar is an amazing Doctor and does excellent work!!! He is extremely professional and personable. I have total confidence and trust him fully. I would highly recommend him to anyone!!! The office is beautiful, amazingly clean and pristine. The staff are also super nice and helpful. I will definitely be going back!!!
Jose Angulo
Jose Angulo
20:51 19 Mar 17
Dr. Memar is the best dermatologist in town. I have nothing but positive things to say about Dr. Memar and his staff. I actually look forward to doc visits.
Errin Auxier
Errin Auxier
12:34 14 Apr 17
I have been a patient for at least 10 yeas now. I am a male to female trams woman and needed help with feminization as well as shape and contour of my body. Transitioning so late I had already showed age in my body and face. We worked together to, over time, address each and every concern. The approach was through yet conservative and responsible. If you are looking for the TV show the Swan, I don't think that is gonna happen. They are too smart to do to much to fast. We all want a fast fix but the safest way and the smartest way, is to take the time to do it right. Every change no mater how small informs the next change. The puzzle is an art form. I can easily say that they changed my life. I am forever grateful.
Keshaunna Moon
Keshaunna Moon
21:43 12 May 17
Extremely friendly staff! Lisa and Miguel, the medical assistants, are always very personable and helpful. They provide a familial atmosphere and they talk you through the procedures. Dr. Memar and Dr. Caughlin are wonderful! Dr. Caughlin was a new face but I was impressed with his encyclopedic knowledge. Best in Chicago!
Daureen Collodel
Daureen Collodel
01:46 17 May 17
Dr. Memar is a talented, extremely knowledgeable doctor and a kind, compassionate person with a great sense of humor. I have been his patient for more than three years and have been consistently delighted with and grateful for his expertise and care. A dermatologist par excellence!
Xinyu Yao
Xinyu Yao
18:52 19 May 17
This was a wonderful experience for me in Chicago! I've done my filler and neck lipo here! The doctor is very nice! Currently very happy with my result, definitely worth it, highly recommended!!
C Devillier
C Devillier
17:56 24 May 17
I have been coming seeing Dr Memar for over 10 years, and I'll continue to do so. He's wonderful , very pleasant person, he's great doctor. Just give it a try, you'll love the atmosphere at his office and staff as well.
Vivian Busch
Vivian Busch
15:45 05 Jun 17
I’m in my late 50’s and I have been seeing Dr. Memar for many years. I've noticed over the last year or so I can't get rid of the tired look, from age. After many years of Botox, I decided I was looking for more of a long-term result. I just had eyelid surgery done by his partner Dr. Benjamin Caughlin to remove the excess skin from my upper eyelids. In addition, I had a full facial resurfacing and fat transfer to make my skin and hollow spots appear more youthful. The surgery was done in their office in a couple of hours. It’s been two weeks, no bruising and I am loving my results. 60 is the new 40!
jamia mitchelll
jamia mitchelll
16:50 08 Jun 17
My experience was phenomenal! The staff was friendly and professional they made me feel welcomed. The office is very clean and Dr. Memar did an excellent job with my plastic Surgery ! I will be telling the world about him and his staff!😊😊😊
norma wilson
norma wilson
16:34 10 Jun 17
I am over 65, still working full-time and wanted to get a refreshed look. From the beginning Dr. Caughlin , Lisa and the entire team were exceptionally professional, informative and helpful. Very different experience from the first time I had this work done with a different doctor. I was informed of what to expect and what precautions to take to assure that the procedure met expectations. Dr. Caughlin checked upon me the next day following the procedure. Impressive!!! If I were younger I would definitely consider having other work done, but.............who knows? Thank you guys.
joan malatesta
joan malatesta
01:15 28 Jun 17
My family and I have been patients of Dr. Memar for years. Our visits are always very professional and friendly. He will spent the time with us to go any questions and concerns. I would highly recommend him.
Tumei GONG
Tumei GONG
08:50 13 Aug 17
I had juvederm done with Dr. Memar and it was a terrible experience. He might be a good dermatologist but is an inexperienced injector. He injected it into the wrong place on my left side of my face and refused to fix it.
James Valles
James Valles
21:20 08 May 18
Johnathan Lisle
Johnathan Lisle
03:44 13 May 18
I had lipo in my abs and flanks with Dr. Memar a over a year ago. I'm unhappy with the results. I thought things would get better over time. I ended up gaining back fat. I also found that after the procedure he did not bother to follow up with me. If it weren't for me calling him I would have never had a follow up appointment. I'm annoyed because I recently consulted with another doctor and was told I should have had a tummy tuck instead. Dr. Memar did not recommend this so apparently I wasted my money. Dr. Memar was nice but I think he was driven to practice for the money. I now am going to seek out another doctor to correct what dr. memar did or didn't do.
ReRe Green
ReRe Green
19:57 30 Jun 18
I had lipo with Memar and I am very unhappy with the results. I still have a belly and I developed back fat. I have this weird fold between my upper and lower stomach which leads to the back fat. In general my back got fatter too. I am about the same weight as I was at the time of surgery. Therefore, I do not understand the back fat. I'm angry because others who I 've seen pictures of have flatter stomach after their lipo. I do understand results may vary but I honestly think that Memar just didn't do a good job. He kept telling me to wait to see the results and that it takes a year to see progress. Well, I'm not impressed. I will be having the procedure done again as I think Memar just didn't remove enough fat or should have just recommended that I get a tummy tuck instead of just taking my money. I did have a doctor tell me I should have just gotten a tummy tuck and that I was not really a candidate for lipo. I also looked up why Memar's license is suspended. It said some of his patients did not event know he had diagnosed them with having a necessary medical condition that needed to be treated and billed for without their awareness. I feel that I got ripped off by Memar (no doctor). I don't wish him ill but perhaps the cosmetic field is not for him. Or, maybe he does better work on some of his other patients. But for me it was grossly wasted money.
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