Cost and Price Of Cosmetic and Plastic Surgery in Chicago

Brazillian Butt Lift $7000 (special – Reg. $12,000)
Fat Transfer to Breast $7000 (special – Reg. $12,000)
Tummy Tuck $10,000
Facelift Facelift $8,500

Neck and Facelift $10,000

Rhinoplasty From $5,500 (surgeon’s Fee) + Surgical Center fee ($5000)
Liposuction $2500 first liposuction area, then $1500 each additional liposuction area. Definition of liposuction areas, click here.
Eyelid Surgery / Blepharoplasty Uppers $3,500

Lowers $3,500

Brow Lift (Direct or Coronal or Lateral) $5,500 under local anesthesia with light sedation
Gynecomastia Correction $4,000 for liposuction

$2,500 for gland removal

Restylane $650/syringe
Xeomin $15 per unit injected by a Dermatologist or Plastic Surgeon
Bellafill or Voluma or Radiesse or sculptra $1200/syringe
Buccal Fat Pad Removal $4500
Microdermabrasion $100/session
IPL/photorejuvenation $350/session
ResurFX Laser (non-ablative fractional) $350/session
Laser Hair Removal $250/session small area

$400/session full face

$800/session full back or legs/arms

Laser Vein Removal $400 per treatment average (for 15 minutes of laser time)
Laser Tattoo Removal Price starts at an amount determined by the square-inch of the tattoo

One square inch starts at $250 for the first treatment

Fractional CO2 Resurfacing Laser $2500 for full face
Levulon Stick with Blue light $500/treatment
Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) $900
PDO Suture Suspension Lift $2500
Chemical Peel $400 (15% TCA) -$600 (30% TCA)
Juvaderm $750/syringe
Restylane Lyft $850/syringe
Botox $18 per unit injected by A Dermatologist or Plastic Surgeon
Thermalift/Thermage/Pelleve $2,500 full face
Fat Transplantation/Fat Grafting $900/1cc

$4,500 (full face)

The technique is with fresh fat and done in the micro droplet technique.

Ear Lobe Repair $800/lobe
Cosmetic Consultation $50 which goes toward your procedure
Initial Medical Office Visit $200
Follow Up Medical Office Visit $150
Hair Transplantation $6/Graft for the first 1000 grafts, then $3.99/Graft FUE With Robotic Hair Transplantation

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