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There are a variety of laser skin resurfacing procedures available to patients who are looking to decrease wrinkles and other signs of aging and skin damage. The main categories of laser skin resurfacing procedures are CO2 laser skin resurfacing, erbium laser skin resurfacing, and fractional laser resurfacing. We offer all of these types of laser skin resurfacing procedures at our Chicago office.

What is the different between CO2, Erbium, and Fractional laser skin resurfacing treatments?

CO2 and erbium treatments differ based on how deep they penetrate the skin and how long recovery takes afterwards. The deeper your wrinkles and lines, and the more dramatic improvement you want to see, the more invasive the treatment needs to be to achieve the best results.


A CO2 laser treatment is more invasive than an erbium laser treatment. Therefore, a CO2 laser treatment will treat more deeply damaged skin than an erbium laser treatment will. However, that means that a CO2 laser skin rejuvenation treatment will require a longer recovery time than an erbium treatment will. Furthermore, erbium laser treatments may be a better option for those with darker skin tones.


Fractional laser skin treatments refer to the way in which the laser attacks the damaged skin. While older lasers treated the entire area targeted by the laser, fractional lasers target microscopic columns in the treatment area, leaving non-target columns untouched. The result is that there is often less peeling and a shorted downtime with fractional laser treatments than there was with standard laser skin resurfacing treatments.


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