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Laser Hair Removal Chicago


Sick and tired of shaving or waxing? Have hair in unwanted places that you can’t regularly shave or wax? Thought about more permanent hair removal options? Chicago Laser Hair Removal may be for you.

Is Laser Hair Removal Painful?

Often when people hear “laser hair removal” they believe that it’s going to be painful – it’s not! Laser hair removal is not electrolysis: electrolysis operates by sticking a needle in each hair follicle and delivering an electric shock that kills the follicle. Electrolysis is not only painful, but it takes a long time, as each follicle needs to be treated separately.


With laser hair removal, a laser – a concentrated beam of light – is directed at the area being treated. The light damages the hair follicles – a painless process – and, as a result, the damaged hair follicle either slows hair production or stops it altogether.

Where can laser hair removal be used on the body?

Laser hair removal can be used almost anywhere on the body. Laser hair removal can treat large sections of hair at a time, or small, making it ideal for both places like the upper lip and areas the back or legs.


How long does a laser hair removal treatment take?

The time it takes to complete one laser hair removal treatment obviously varies on the amount of skin needing treatment. Most procedures take only a second or two to treat an area about the size of a quarter, so even large areas like the back or legs can be completed rather swiftly.


How long do the effects of laser hair removal last?

After laser hair removal treatment, the areas treated may stop producing hair altogether or may slow production of hair. This depends a lot on the individual, but if you aren’t satisfied with the results of one laser hair removal treatment, having multiple treatments often works for most patients. With one treatments, the effects can last anywhere from a few months to years.

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