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What is a Facelift?

A facelift is one of the best and most long lasting ways to combat the aging face. As we age, we lose fat, muscle, bone, and skin elasticity.

A facelift in Chicago with Dr. Caughlin, in combination with expertly and artistically placed fat transfer injections, can reverse the effects that aging has on the aesthetics of your face.

After a careful consultation with facial analysis and discussion with the patient, we can build a facial rejuvenation plan and establish what will be best for each patient.

There are different “levels” of facelifts ranging from a simple skin excision in the clinic to more advanced skin, neck and muscle procedure in combination with fat transfer, PRP injection, and laser resurfacing.  Each procedure has their pros and cons, and can be right for certain patients.

We recommend that you come in for a free facial rejuvenation consultation and discuss options to see how we can achieve exactly what you are looking for.



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facial plastic surgeon chicago illinoisDr. Benjamin Caughlin, facial plastic surgeon, specializes in facelift and neck lift surgeries. The facelift he provides in Chicago is second to none. Dr. Caughlin has published extensively and given lectures on facial rejuvenation. Trust your face to a plastic surgeon specifically dedicated to the face, i.e. a facial plastic surgeon.


Dr. Caughlin will meet you personally in a complimentary consultation. He will give you a detailed facial analysis and discuss the best options to treat your specific needs of facial laxity, facial aging, asymmetries and aesthetic goals. Ours is to offer you the correct and detailed analysis from a person who knows the ins and outs of facial anatomy through extensive training, experience, and research.

The personally tailored “LoopLift” Facelift in Downtown Chicago

More Affordable & Safer

Dr. Caughlin has developed a unique facelift called the “LoopLift”, in which he performs a modified facelift without the need for general anesthesia tailored specifically to each patient.

Of course for patients who are more comfortable with general anesthesia, that is easily an option, as well.  Call us or send us a message to discuss this.

February 2017 Face Rejuvenation Before/After

facelift chicago
Sub mental liposuction with fat transfer – (Still Healing)

Why should I get a Facelift?

What can a facelift treat?

A facelift can treat skin laxity, sagging eyes, eye bags, mid face droop, facial wrinkles and folds, turkey neck deformity, neck muscle laxity, plastysmal bands, jowls, chin bags, tired appearance and more. The targeted aged area of the face is determined by the patient and then examined and inspected by us in a consultation. It is not only the objective improvement of your appearance that can be gained.

Did you know that scientific research shows that better-looking people are more successful in their careers and have better love lives than their less attractive counterparts? You might be thinking that beauty is subjective, and to some extent it is. But research has demonstrated that the more symmetrical your facial features are, the more others will find you attractive. Wrinkles and sagging skin can ruin your facial symmetry.

Confidence is higher when we are happy with how we look. When we are more confident, we get more accomplished, and we are happier in our lives. This emphasizes that the best reason to get a facelift is not for others, but instead to make you feel better about yourself.

What are some typical facelift procedures?

What are some of the important benefits?

Before & After Examples (click to see close-ups)

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facelift chicago - after picture
facelift chicago before picture
facelift chicago after picture
male facelift


With Or Without General Anesthesia (The LoopLift Facelift is in-office)

If we decide after your face assessment that you are going to have a full facelift procedure instead of a mini facelift or other face treatments (fillers etc), we have good news for you on that front, too.  We can perform complete facelifts using only local anesthesia.  You’ll be awake and aware the entire time.  And don’t worry – the only pain you will feel will be the initial injections of the local anesthesia – and even that goes away in a few seconds.

Since general anesthesia – or, “being put under” – makes many people nervous and is, in general, less safe than local anesthetic, we are happy to provide minimally invasive facelifts for our patients by not using general anesthesia.

Not only is it safer and less scary, local anesthesia almost always comes with a faster recovery and is more cost effective than general anesthesia.  Call us today and mention the “LoopLift” Facelift procedure.

Vampire Facelift

In the media, a concept called the Vampire® facelift (platelet rich plasma, PRP) has become popular.

This procedure entails collection of a patients platelets from a simple blood draw. The platelets are then collected from the blood draw after being centrifuged. These platelets have granules filled with growth factors that stimulate collagen formation.

Although PRP creates new collagen, it is not a true facelift. The cost of a PRP facelift is $900 per treatment. The treatment needs to be repeated every six months to maintain results.

Liquid Facelift

liquid facelift chicago illinoisAnother popular term used is the “liquid facelift,” which refers to the use of fillers and toxins like Botox® to give the impression of a lift in the face. The results can be significant but are rarely as effective as a true facelift and are short-lived relative to a facelift. The procedure well tolerated and does not take too much time.

What is the cost of a Liquid Facelift?

The cost of a liquid facelift depends on the amount of Botox and fillers used, but can range from $1000-$2500. The procedure needs to be repeated every three months to maintain results.

Suture lift or PDO suture lift is a relatively new procedure. It is limited to patients with minimal laxity looking for modest and temporary results. It involves the use of an absorbable (non-permanent) suture being placed under the skin. The suture grabs the saggy area and lifts it. The procedure takes 45 minutes to perform. The results can last anywhere from 6 months to 1 year.


Red Carpet Ready Facelift (“Cinderella Facelift” – No healing time needed!  For your next event!)

As seen on WCIU’s You & Me with Melissa and Jeanne

Dr. Caughlin and Dr. Memar’s specially designed non-invasive, temporary facelift has you looking younger and brighter in minutes! Utilizing custom designed polymers and a rejuvenating vibraderm machine, the Red Carpet Facelift requires no incisions, no injections and virtually no wait time.

Call today to get yours scheduled for your next urgent event!

Mini Facelift  

Can a Mini Face lift treat my aging face?

chicago facelift procedureA mini-facelift can mean many things including a small a very small incision made anywhere along or in the hairline to lift sagging and lax skin. The incision can be as small as one inch in the hairline to lift the temple and mid face. The small incision can be under the earlobe to lift the neck. A mini-facelift is performed with local anesthesia. For many patients, a mini-facelift can give the look you desire. The true benefit of the mini-facelift is the limited recovery time. Patients can return to work as soon as one week after the procedure. The scar that is created can be camouflaged with skin treatments, laser treatments, and even hair transplant if desired. That is a major benefit of our practice. We offer a multidisciplinary approach with surgeons from different fields. The goal is to have happy patients.

Midface Lift

Do you have sagging cheeks, downward-turned smile lines, and deep nasal labial folds but you’re not sure if you need a complete facelift?

Call our offices today and schedule a free consultation to discuss a mid-face lift with our plastic surgeon, Dr. Benjamin Caughlin.

A mid face lift is an outpatient procedure normally completed under heavy sedation or general anesthesia. While it is a serious surgery, not to be undertaken lightly, it is less rigorous and has a shorter recovery time than a full facelift.

S-Lift Facelift

The S-Lift is also a mini-facelift where an S-shaped incision is made in front of the ears, removing excess skin while tightening the deeper muscles of the face called the SMAS.  These incisions are made just in front of the ear so that the surgeon can adjust the facial skin to get the desired affect.  Compared to a regular facelift, the S lift facelift is less invasive, has a quicker recovery time, is generally lower in cost, and has fewer complications and risks.

However, that does not mean that the S-Lift is right for everyone seeking smoother and tighter facial features. The S-Lift mainly tightens the lower face, including the jawline.  If you need forehead or cheek lifting, the S-Lift will not do the trick.  In your initial consultation with your surgeon at Dermatologic Cosmetic & Plastic Surgery, your doctor will ask you about your expectations and will help you determine whether an S-Lift (mini-facelift) or a full facelift will be better for you.

Aesthetic Facial Assessment before a Face lift procedure is chosen

Because our goal is to make you happy, your journey with us will begin with our specialized aesthetic facial assessment.  We will discuss with you, in detail, your concerns and what outcomes you are hoping for.  We will also describe to you the different adjustments we can make to your facial features.

During your aesthetic facial assessment, we may suggest something other than a full facelift.  

For instance, injectables, fat transfer injections, lasers, and resurfacing procedures can solve many “problem spots” for patients.  In addition, these procedures are very minimally invasive, and we always strive to provide our patients with the least invasive treatments that will achieve their desired affects.

The Surgical Procedure and Results of a Facelift

After anesthesia is achieved, an incision is placed along and within the hairline, hugging the ear and even going behind certain structures of the ear. This allows for the incision scar to be well hidden. Next, the area is undermined, meaning the skin is retracted from the underlying musculature. The musculature, known as the SMAS, is tightened. This gives a lift. Finally, the skin is placed in its new lifted location and using sutures, closed. The area is then wrapped with a compression dressing. The patient is sent home with antibiotics and pain medication. Follow up to Dr. Caughlin is in 1-2 days. He will be in telephone communication at all times. The sutures are either self-absorbing or removed in a few days. The swelling will continue to subside over the next few weeks. However, the final results can take many months to achieve. The final result is a lifted facial features and neck. This will take many years off your looks.

Call to Schedule Your Aesthetic Facial Assessment Now!

The sooner you call for facelift surgery in Chicago, the sooner you’ll be rid of your wrinkles and your sagging facial skin. Your skin elasticity will be improved, and you won’t look as sad, tired, and worn out anymore.

We’re here to help you look and feel your best!

How much does a facelift cost?

The cost of a Facelift and Necklift range from $7,000 with local sedation, and up to $10,000 with general anesthesia.

Currently, we have two online only offers that run until 5/1/2017:

  • FACELIFT:  $501 off standard price of $7,000
  • TOTAL FACIAL REJUVENATION (facelift + fat transfer injections):  $3001 off standard price of $11,500
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R Frieser
R Frieser
21:59 11 Jan 17
I've been a patient of Dr Memar's for a decade now. He is one of the most patient centered and approachable experts I have come across. He is up to date on, and contributing to the latest scientific research. He is a gifted surgeon and a dermatologist with encyclopedic knowledge of his field. His diagnostic skills are impeccable and when he talks with you, it feels like you are his only patient for the day and the absolute center of his attention. Above all though, he is also a very warm and caring individual, a genuinely good human being. He seems to have a talent for surrounding himself with similarly compassionate and professional staff. As others have mentioned on here, his practice has a distinct friendly and caring family vibe.
Ali Djalilian
Ali Djalilian
18:34 25 Dec 16
He is an amazing dermatologist and cosmetic surgeon. I have been around thousands of physicians in my career and with absolute certainty I can say he is the best of the best. First, he is brilliant and has fantastic clinical judgement. In terms of surgical skills, he is truly a master both technically and artistically. Likewise, scientifically he truly understands mechanisms and the basis of disease and treatments. He is not bound by traditions and thinks creatively outside the box including alternative and natural therapies. On top of all this, he is a genuine human being who treats everyone with respect. Needless to say that I have trusted him with the most sensitive surgical procedures on my face and hair with fantastic outcomes. He is truly a gem!
Javad kiani
Javad kiani
19:01 25 Dec 16
I am a patient of Dr Memar. He transplanted 2000 hair follicles to the front and top of my head. The hair line looks so natural that no one can tell that anything was done. I am extremely pleased with the results. He is such a nice who has the best bedside manner. He definitely puts patient interest first. His staff are also great, so kind and helpful. He is the best!!!
Isabel Larraza
Isabel Larraza
23:02 22 Dec 16
I love Dr. Memar. He is caring and kind and takes the time to talk to you and make you feel comfortable. I look forward to seeing him every time I come and always leave very happy with the results. He also will tel you straight what you need and will deter you from doing what is not necessary. He is the best.
Omid Razavi
Omid Razavi
01:03 26 Dec 16
Dr. Memar is fantastic doctor, I visited him more 10 times, I would rather go to his office for issues instead of other doctors. He solved my issues very easily and I would like to go there again and again. his behavior is extremely good.
nicole mather
nicole mather
16:06 20 Dec 16
I highly recommend Dr. Memar and his staff! They are so accommodating to my busy schedule. He is so very detailed to make sure I completely understand my appointments and am comfortable with my treatments and procedures.
Viviana Ostberg
Viviana Ostberg
16:20 21 Dec 16
The girl at the front desk was very friendly. I went to Dr. Memar because a friend recommended him. He was very nice, I felt very comfortable talking to him and showing him what I needed... By the way beautiful office!
Chicago one
Chicago one
21:42 21 Feb 17
Dr. Memar is an amazing Doctor and does excellent work!!! He is extremely professional and personable. I have total confidence and trust him fully. I would highly recommend him to anyone!!! The office is beautiful, amazingly clean and pristine. The staff are also super nice and helpful. I will definitely be going back!!!
Jose Angulo
Jose Angulo
20:51 19 Mar 17
Dr. Memar is the best dermatologist in town. I have nothing but positive things to say about Dr. Memar and his staff. I actually look forward to doc visits.
Errin Auxier
Errin Auxier
12:34 14 Apr 17
I have been a patient for at least 10 yeas now. I am a male to female trams woman and needed help with feminization as well as shape and contour of my body. Transitioning so late I had already showed age in my body and face. We worked together to, over time, address each and every concern. The approach was through yet conservative and responsible. If you are looking for the TV show the Swan, I don't think that is gonna happen. They are too smart to do to much to fast. We all want a fast fix but the safest way and the smartest way, is to take the time to do it right. Every change no mater how small informs the next change. The puzzle is an art form. I can easily say that they changed my life. I am forever grateful.
Keshaunna Moon
Keshaunna Moon
21:43 12 May 17
Extremely friendly staff! Lisa and Miguel, the medical assistants, are always very personable and helpful. They provide a familial atmosphere and they talk you through the procedures. Dr. Memar and Dr. Caughlin are wonderful! Dr. Caughlin was a new face but I was impressed with his encyclopedic knowledge. Best in Chicago!
Daureen Collodel
Daureen Collodel
01:46 17 May 17
Dr. Memar is a talented, extremely knowledgeable doctor and a kind, compassionate person with a great sense of humor. I have been his patient for more than three years and have been consistently delighted with and grateful for his expertise and care. A dermatologist par excellence!
Xinyu Yao
Xinyu Yao
18:52 19 May 17
This was a wonderful experience for me in Chicago! I've done my filler and neck lipo here! The doctor is very nice! Currently very happy with my result, definitely worth it, highly recommended!!
C Devillier
C Devillier
17:56 24 May 17
I have been coming seeing Dr Memar for over 10 years, and I'll continue to do so. He's wonderful , very pleasant person, he's great doctor. Just give it a try, you'll love the atmosphere at his office and staff as well.
Vivian Busch
Vivian Busch
15:45 05 Jun 17
I’m in my late 50’s and I have been seeing Dr. Memar for many years. I've noticed over the last year or so I can't get rid of the tired look, from age. After many years of Botox, I decided I was looking for more of a long-term result. I just had eyelid surgery done by his partner Dr. Benjamin Caughlin to remove the excess skin from my upper eyelids. In addition, I had a full facial resurfacing and fat transfer to make my skin and hollow spots appear more youthful. The surgery was done in their office in a couple of hours. It’s been two weeks, no bruising and I am loving my results. 60 is the new 40!
jamia mitchelll
jamia mitchelll
16:50 08 Jun 17
My experience was phenomenal! The staff was friendly and professional they made me feel welcomed. The office is very clean and Dr. Memar did an excellent job with my plastic Surgery ! I will be telling the world about him and his staff!😊😊😊
norma wilson
norma wilson
16:34 10 Jun 17
I am over 65, still working full-time and wanted to get a refreshed look. From the beginning Dr. Caughlin , Lisa and the entire team were exceptionally professional, informative and helpful. Very different experience from the first time I had this work done with a different doctor. I was informed of what to expect and what precautions to take to assure that the procedure met expectations. Dr. Caughlin checked upon me the next day following the procedure. Impressive!!! If I were younger I would definitely consider having other work done, but.............who knows? Thank you guys.
joan malatesta
joan malatesta
01:15 28 Jun 17
My family and I have been patients of Dr. Memar for years. Our visits are always very professional and friendly. He will spent the time with us to go any questions and concerns. I would highly recommend him.
James Valles
James Valles
21:20 08 May 18
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