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There was a recent article published in the journal of facial plastic surgery about the technique for lifting and securing the midface during facelift. This is an important point to make during facelift surgery. The face needs to be lifted and volumized in three dimensions to look natural and to avoid the “wind blown” appearance. I recommend if facial aging bothers you to see a surgeon who will take the time to discuss exactly what you are trying to accomplish. In my experience so much of cosmetic surgery is dependent on the surgeon and the patient having equal and similar expectations about what should and can be achieved.  Different aspects of facial aging bother different patients to varying degrees. It is all about making happy patients!

In my experience there are three main goals patients often seek with facelift:


# 1 they want their smile lines, nasolabial folds improved

# 2 they want the jowl area fixed. This is the skin that hangs down over the jaw line

# 3 they want the chin fat and skin to be tightened into the neck


The article above address mostly the midface which allows the nasolabial folds to be lifted and opened.  Personally I am not a fan of the thread or suture lift. I prefer to open the skin, tighten the muscle and fascial layers (the support system of the face) and then remove only the excess skin.

This allows a natural and smooth look. It is treating the main causes of facial aging. The fat and deeper layer of the face are absorbed over time, the skin looses its’ elasticity and the bone becomes less sharp as it is absorbed over time. With the etiology outlined as above we need to address all of these causes while performing facial rejuvenation.

A very nice adjunct to facelifting is to add some facial fat transfer. About 80% of my patients that get a facelift also get fat transfer. This helps to volumize the face, rejuvenate the skin and to fill the lost architecture that is lost with time and life.

Another point to apprecate is that facial aging is a good thing. There is only one cure for aging…. and no body wants that. So enjoy what you have created. Appreciate the changes that have come with time, lift, sun, wind and snow!

We will do our best to get you looking good and natural ASAP!



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