Tattoo Removal

Tattoo Removal

Sometimes the tattoo that seemed like a great idea on your 21st birthday no longer has the same appeal at 41. We’re here to help you reduce and, in some cases, eliminate unwanted tattoos.

Tattoo’s can be removed using a number of different methods. While chemical peels, dermabrasion, and surgical removal can remove some tattoos, those procedures are often painful and can result in fairly serious scars. At Dermatologic Cosmetic & Plastic Surgery are doctors most often use lasers and infrared treatments to remove tattoos. These techniques are more advanced, generally lead to better healing of the tattoo area, and are generally less painful than other treatments. Because they are non-invasive, there is far less chance to infection in the treated area and because they target certain colors, they leave untattooed skin untouched.

Smaller and less colorful tattoos will take fewer treatments to remove. The bigger and more colorful a tattooe is, the more treatments it will take to remove it. At your first consultation, your doctor will discuss with you what he or she believes to be the best tattoo removal treatment for you and they will give you an estimate of how many treatments you will need.

Treatments can last for anywhere from 10 to 30 minutes and are usually spaced a month or two apart to allow the skin to heal between treatments. Since these treatments break up the pigmented skin, your body needs time to process and naturally remove the dead pigmented skin cells from your body.

Many candidates for tattoo removal are concerned about the pain associated with tattoo removal. With these new techniques, patients often go without pain medication during treatment and report a stinging feeling as the laser does its work. But if you are concerned about pain management, discuss this with your doctor during your consultation. We can provide you with a topical pain killer and, in some cases, local anaesthetic.

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