The Pros and Cons of “The Selfie”

I read an interesting article today from the American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Journal this morning about selfies.

So first of all, as a facial plastic plastic surgeon, I love selfies haha. It is probably the number one referral source for me. At least 60% of my patients come in showing me photos they have taken of themselves and pointing out minor imperfections they want me to correct. So I am thankful for that.

The article is critiquing the fact that the selfie world has changed the way people smile. For the worse. I agree with this as well.  They talk of the “duck face” that people create to take the photo. See the attached sexy image of myself as an example haha.

People are making this face to narrow the lower third and to accentuate their lips. Take a look at facebook you will appreciate how 90% of the photos do have this goofy look to them. It is comical really.

Now we can narrow the lower third of the face with buccal fat pad removal or upper facial fat transfer. A combination looks good actually. For the lips we augment with either fat transfer or filler. All good options.

The really discussion should be about how electronics, software, the internet are affecting our lives. Personally I believe we are evolving much quicker technologically than we are mentally. This will be a particular issue for children. Next time you are out to dinner take a look at the people adjacent to you. 75% are all on their phones. It is crazy. My wife and I love to people watch at a nice restaurant and a glass of wine and it has really become comical. Something has to change. Something will change.

The way it is affecting personal relationships is going to catch up with use and I feel the standard and frequent use of cell phones with others around will become taboo. The key is to figure out what the next big thing is and invest in that!




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