How to prepare for a Brazilian butt lift

First, you need to be checked by your internal medicine or family medicine doctor. I recommend a pregnancy test, blood clotting test, liver function test and and complete blood count.

Second, you must have the excess fat either on the belly, sides, bra fat , arms or thighs to be able to donate to the buttocks.

Third, you must have realistic expectations. You are not getting an implant. so you cant choose a model. You will be able to sculpt your butt into a better one but not into someone elses butt.

Fourth, I want people to be off any kind of smoking, drinking alcohol or other pain killers for one month before surgery, and you cannot resume smoking abet the surgery for at least 6 months.

Fifth, I want people to wash their body daily with chlorhexadine from head to toe for one week before surgery and apply mupericin to the nostrils daily for one week before the surgery. This is to prevent a bacterial infection.

On the day of surgery, bring all medications prescribed.

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