Photo-Dynamic Therapy

PhotoDynamic Therapy Skin Rejuvenation Chicago


Photo Dynamic Therapy is yet another option for patients who are looking to improve the appearance of their skin by reducing wrinkles and lines, smoothing the skin’s texture, minimizing discoloring and age spots, and regaining an overall healthy glow. Photodynamic therapy (PDT) can also treat acne and can be useful in removing precancerous cells.


How does Photodynamic therapy work?

When you come in for photodynamic therapy skin rejuvenation treatments, our treatment experts will first cleanse your skin and then apply a cream to prepare skin. Once your skin is prepared, the technician will then use a hand-piece to expose skin to short bursts of targeted, intense light. The light kills bacteria that causes acne and also spurs the natural production of collagen and elastin, the substances that help restore skin’s younger and healthier looks.


When will I see results of photodynamic therapy?

The results of photodynamic therapy skin rejuvenation develop over time. For patients with acne, they should begin to see a reduction in redness within a few days of their first treatment. For those seeking fresher, fuller-looking skin, results will develop over the course of a few weeks, as your body produces greater amounts of collagen and elastin.


How many treatments of PDT skin rejuvenation will I need?

Some of our patients begin to see results after only one treatment of PDT. Other patients with more serious acne or more intensely damaged skin may require three or more treatments to begin to see the desired effects.


Is PDT skin rejuvenation painful?

Most patients do not find photodynamic therapy for skin rejuvenation to be painful. During treatments you may feel slight discomfort, as if someone is snapping a rubber band on the treated area. Afterwards, depending on the intensity of your treatment, you may experience redness and the feeling that you have a sunburn for a few days. Your doctor can work with you to minimize any discomfort you may experience during or after treatment.


How long with the results of photodynamic therapy skin rejuvenation last?

The results of PDT skin rejuvenation will last anywhere from three to six months, generally. Most of our patients who opt for photodynamic therapy schedule regular “upkeep” appointments.

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