Neck Rejuvenation, Necklift and Tightening in Chicago

Neck rejuvenation and Necklift

The neck is one of the hardest areas to rejuvenate. That is why all you need to do is look at a persons neck and you can tell their age. To reverse the signs of aging of the neck, multiple tools are needed. The neck skin and muscle (platysma muscle) age more rapidly than the rest of the face due to the sun exposure, genetics, overall health, increased and constant mobility. Neck rejuvenation is often performed in conjunction with a facelift as the transition from the face to the neck with sharpening of the jawline is a sought after improvement.  This is often performed in conjunction with Laser resurfacing to help tighten and smooth the skin of the neck and face.

Below is a short list of some of the techniques we use to tighten neck skin:

  1. Necklift: this can be done with a small incision behind the ear. The scar is hidden and it can make a drastic result.
  2. Re-volumizing the face helps lift and support the neck. This can be done be putting fillers or your own fat into the face and jawline.
  3. Placing fillers like Sculptra throughout the neck skin to stimulate collagen and give volume to the thin neck skin.
  4. Using fractional CO2 laser to tighten the skin of the neck and remove the signs of sun damage.


What leads to my aging neck look? How should I best treat it?

The key is to see someone who understands the facial anatomy and facial aging process. The diagnosis starts with a dedicated, careful and thorough facial analysis. This allows us to determine if it is mostly the skin elasticity lost, fat decent, muscle lengthening or bone thinning that is causing your issue. Something unique to our practice is that we offer every patient a combination consult.  Because we have two surgeons one trained in dermatologic cosmetic surgery (Dr. Memar) and one trained in facial plastic surgery (Dr. Caughlin), we are able to offer a multidisciplinary approach. This gives patients options and different view points of treatments that are sub-specialized.

If it is only the skin that is damaged from sun exposure then often times a simple fractional ablative laser treatment will suffice. This requires a 1 wk downtime. The skin will first turn red. It will then peel. This is followed by new, younger skin that is tighter. The tightening is modest but for many this is all that is needed.

If the muscle has thinned and spread then a platysmaplasty is required. This is done from a small incision under the chin. Liposuction with suture techniques are used to tighten the muscle and sculpt the fat. This is most successful for the submental (under the chin) area.

For bone loss and weakening of the chin definition we use either fillers or autofat transfer to the face. These augmentation techniques allow us to re-define the jaw line and lift some of the skin draping over the neck.

The most drastic and natural results are often obtained with a face lift. The reason the results are the best is because a face lift allows us to lift the fallen tissues and to augment the absorbed tissues. About 70% of our patients that get a face lift also get fat transfer and/or laser treatments. This combination treatment is treating the many tissue layers involved with techniques targeted to each layer.

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