Minimal-Incision Facial Surgery

Minimal-Incision Facial Surgery

If you have started to notice sagging neck skin or jowls developing in your facial area, you may be starting to think about getting a facelift. You may be holding off because you think that facelifts are very invasive. But due to developing technology and techniques, that is not necessarily true. The surgeons at Dermatologic Cosmetic & Plastic Surgery perform a variety of minimal-incision style facial surgery procedures, all of which help patients to look and feel their best.

For instance, browlifts, mid-face lifts, and neck lifts can all be performed using small incisions in areas where scars will be hidden by other features, such as your hairline. The incision length is sometimes less than half of what it would be with a traditional facelift and the area that is operated on is also smaller. All of this means that your healing time is greatly reduced, and, of course, any remaining scars are much less visible, if they are visible at all.

The use of a endoscopic surgery tool – a long, thin tube with a camera on the end – allows surgeons to do even complex surgeries through only small incisions, reducing scarring and recovery time as well.

Many patients find that a minimal-incision facial surgery procedure, combined with other rejuvenation procedures, can give them better-than-expected results. They look and feel healthier, younger, and more vibrant.

If you are interested in exploring the possibilities of a minimal-incision facial surgery, call our office today to book a free consultation with one of our board-certified dermatologists. Your doctor will be able to examine your skin and talk to you about your expectations of skin rejuvenation. Together, you will decide which procedures and treatments will be best for you, your lifestyle, and your budget.

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