LightSheer Hair Removal

LightSheer Hair Removal


It can be tedious to constantly be shaving, waxing, plucking, or using hair removal creams to treat unwanted hair. And the worst part is that the hair grows back. But the dermatologists at Dermatologic Cosmetic & Plastic Surgery have a variety of different ways to treat unwanted hair from nearly anywhere on the body. One of these options is LightSheer.

How does LightSheer hair removal work?

Your doctor will hold the LightSheer handpiece against your skin in the area you want to see less hair growth. The handpiece will deliver laser pulses of light that each hair and hair follicle will absorb. As the hair and hair follicle heat up, they are damaged, which means hair growth will be slowed or, in some cases, stop completely.

Does LightSheer hair removal hurt?

We find that many of our patients automatically associate hair removal with pain. But LightSheer hair removal is not electrolysis. Electrolysis involves delivering a painful electric shock to hair follicles. LightSheer hair removal is far less invasive. Most of our patients do not need any pain relievers when undergoing LightSheer hair removal, although a few prefer to have a topical anesthetic cream applied to the treatment area prior to having LightSheer hair removal treatments.


What is the benefit of LightSheer hair removal?

One big benefit of LightSheer hair removal is that the LightSheer handpiece can treat a relatively large area, including many hair follicles, at one time. With processes like electrolysis, each hair follicle must be treated individually. Therefore, LightSheer hair removal treatments can be done in a fraction of the time that other hair removal processes take. For instance, treating the back area on a man usually takes about 20 minutes. Smaller areas, like the bikini area, might only take about 5 minutes!

LightSheer can treat large areas like the back and legs and is also safe for sensitive areas like the nose, nipples, and bikini line.

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