Lifting the Lip and Defining the Nose

Conclusions and Relevance  Increasing nasal tip projection causes a measurable increase in upper lip projection. This new causal association has been applied to our filler injection armamentarium as an alternative way to achieve the desired result of a more youthful upper lip.”

Cerrati EW, Dayan SH. Association of Increasing Nasal Tip Projection With Lip Position in Primary Rhinoplasty. JAMA Facial Plast Surg. Published online April 13, 2017. doi:10.1001/jamafacial.2017.0070

Above is an interesting article from a fellow Chicagoan plastic surgeon about how rhinoplasty (nose jobs) can lead to increased red lip show and improved lip aesthetics. This process works by rotating the nasal tip towards the sky, in turn pulling upward the upper lip similar to a lip lift procedure. So, if your goal is to define and shape your nose, make sure to talk to your surgeon about this. It is a nice technique to obtain double results.

There are many combination surgeries we can do now that compliment each other. Often times these combination procedures result in great benefits than both procedures alone. In this case 1+1 > 2. An additional benefit of combination procedures is putting the recovering times together. If it takes 2 weeks to recover from a rhinoplasty and you also want sharper cheek bones you can consider fat transfer at the same time. Both have swelling, bruising and recovery so it makes sense to overlap this time.

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