Fill your luscious lips

lips before lip injection

As we age, our lips shrink. However some are born with smaller lips

One of the first fillers of the lips was paraffin, and then came liquid silicone oil. Both had sever side effects for some. Then came cow derived collagen. That needed skin testing to avoid those allergic to it.  By 2003 we had a new group of products called hyaluronic acids. The first to come out was Restylane and many more came out including Juvederm. These are now considered the standard of care for lip filling. However, they don’t last long. For those who want longer lasting results, fat transfer is a better option.

lip drawing

The lip anatomy

Next we analyze the lip. What part needs enhancement. One can enhance the edges, the cupids bow, and any one of the 5 lobules the comprise the lip. At times the corners of the lip edge are turned down, and fillers or fat is a great tool to turn that frown upside down


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