FBI Agent Ashley Davis Lies to a Grand Jury

FBI Agent Ashley Davis lies to the Grand Jury Under Oath (Tr. 666)

She Spills the Beans on Page 666 of Court Transcripts:

FBI agents are entrusted to enforce the law. The agency is an important thread in the fabric of our society. The FBI is entrusted to protect our liberty and basic civil rights. They are the heroes of our civilized society. However, there are those who sully the name of the agency while on tax-payer salaries. I as a tax payer have zero tolerance for that.

History of Corruption

FBI agents have been involved in perpetuating a number of criminal activities and intentional wrong testimonies. Thirty-five year old Shaun W. Bridges, a secret service agent, who was later let go, stole $800,000 worth of Bitcoins during an investigation. (Reference) In 2015, an in-depth study revealed that FBI agents gave erroneous testimony or evidence in 90% of microscopic hair analysis cases.(Reference) On August 26, 2016, special FBI  agent Scott M. Bowman of Moreno Valley who was later fired, got jail time for taking over $136,000  from a of search in 2014, knowingly falsifying documents and tampering with one witness.  Another FBI agent, Matthew Lowry, who was later let go, stole heroin that was seized; he got 3 years prison time. (Reference). The FBI has identified about 3,000 cases in which this technique was used and a study showed that 96% of the FBI agent testimonies were false. (Reference) George Perrot spent over 29 years in jail due to a single hair. In 2013, the FBI admitted that the “hair comparison evidence”  was scientifically invalid, but that was the technique used to deprive Mr. Perrot of all those years. This needs to stop.

Case of Ashley Davis, FBI Agent

Here I present a case of an FBI agent lying to a Grand Jury with indicted me. I provide court transcripts of the FBI agent’s very own testimony. She draws on the day she searched my medical office with a large number of armed FBI agents. (Reference). This indictment led to my prosecution. (Reference). However, I am innocent. I have even reached out to President Donald Trump. (Reference). Furthermore, here I present the case of Ms. Ashley Davis, FBI Agent, lying under oath to a Grand Jury.

FBI Agent Ashley Davis, who stated she works in the  Kansas City division of the FBI,  is  confronted by Mr Staes (Dr Memar’s lawyer) about her statements to the grand jury who ultimately indicted me. The issue is the the tools I had for the treatment of pre-cancers (AK, actinic keratosis). Therefore, she submits a document listing all the tools I had for the destruction of pre-cancers (acid, electrocautery, Levulan, not to mention creams for the treatment of pre-cancers), but then tells the Grand Jury that I “really had no method to destroy actinic keratosis” (Tr. 666). Case:No. 15 CR 00345

Mr Staes (Dr. Memar’s lawyer) Examining Ms Ashley Davis (FBI Agent in May 1-May 10, 2017 Trial USA vs Memar, No. 15 CR 00345 ):

  1. Dr Memar’s Lawyer: You say that Dr. Memar discussed the treatment methods or you asked him about that for AKs isn’t that right?
  2. FBI Agent Ashley Davis: Yes.
  3. Dr Memar’s Lawyer: And, of course, you talked about the IPL, right?
  4. FBI Agent Ashley Davis: Yes.
  5. Dr Memar’s Lawyer: And he talked about with you electrocautery?
  6. FBI Agent Ashley Davis: We didn’t really discuss it, but he mentioned it was a treatment method.
  7. Dr Memar’s Lawyer: He told you that?
  8. FBI Agent Ashley Davis: Yes.
  9. Dr Memar’sLawyer : It’s in your memo. He also talked about something called trichloroacetic acid?
  10. FBI Agent Ashley Davis: Yes.
  11. Dr Memar’s Lawyer: And you mentioned creams a few minutes ago?
  12. FBI Agent Ashley Davis: Yes.
  13. Dr Memar’s Lawyer :  And then there was also Levulan that was mentioned, right.
  14. FBI Agent Ashley Davis: Yes. I asked him if he had Levulan.(tr. 664-665)
  15. Dr. Memar’s Lawyer: And when you wrote your report, he didn’t say that he had only used Levulan on one occasion, you said that he does not use Levulan often in conjunction with IPL?
  16. FBI Agent Ashley Davis: If that was a mistake, I’m not trying to confuse anyone. He had mentioned a specific incident — instance when he had used it. That was the only patient he could recall at that time.
  17. Dr. Memar’s Lawyer: Your report just says “not often,” so I’m just going by your report.
  18. FBI Agent Ashley Davis: Sure.
  19. Dr Memar’s Lawyer: When you talked to the grand jury about this case, you told them that other than the IPL that he had, he didn’t have anything to treat AK patients, didn’t you?
  20. FBI Agent Ashley Davis:. I don’t recall.
  21. Dr Memar’s Lawyer: Would it help for you to take a look at your grand jury testimony?
  22. FBI Agent Ashley Davis:. Yes.(Pause.) Yes. I said he really had no method to destroy actinic keratosis. (Tr. 666)

Ms. Davis, who is the FBI agent, had listed the above tools (IPL, levulon, electrocautery, trichloroacetic acid to name a few) and submitted it as a document. However, she got up under oath, in the Grand Jury that indicted me, and said I “really had no method to destroy actinic keratosis.” (Tr. 666) However, I had all those methods to destroy actininc keratosis, and she confirmed it in writing that I had all those methods of destroying actinic keratosis. Surprisingly, she told the Grand Jury otherwise. That is where the false statement and ultimately the lie sits. According to 18 U.S. Code § 1623 – False declarations before grand jury or court has a penalty of perjury.(Reference)

Anyway, as I said, the Grand Jury indicted me.

Are we now expected to believe her account of how I diagnosed AKs (pre-cancers)? Is there any accountability? Can an FBI agent lie under oath and still be quoted by the Assistant Attorney General (Stephen Chahn Lee) and a Federal Judge? Can an FBI agent lie under oath and still keep her job? All I known is that if an average American citizen had lied to a Grand Jury, they would be in a lot of trouble; now the test of our democracy is how we treat law enforcement who decide to undertake such actions. If you like to file a complaint, you can contact USDOJ, or the White House.

FBI agent Ashley Davis lies to Grand Jury

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  • William Adams

    I left Illinois over 40 years ago because of corrupt political actions. I would not go back there to live or even visit, and I have property there.
    I said then, the governor should be in jail! It took a while, but several have gone since then. This mess that is erupting in our great nation all stems from corrupt former illinois politicians. O bomb us, killer y, rhyme ING manuel. Do you honestly think that those people who no longer possess souls are going to care about any one or any thing. They would just as soon kill you and yours rather than give you the satisfaction of clearing your good name! Pray GOD, in JESUS name, to deliver you from the evil ones destruction. I will say a prayer for you.
    William Adams

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