CoolGlide – Spider Veins

CoolGlide Spider Vein Treatments


CoolGlide is a treatment system specifically designed to treat spider veins, although slightly larger and darker veins may also respond to CoolGlide treatments. CoolGlide delivers light energy to the targeted veins in short pulses of light. When the veins absorb the light energy, the energy causes the vessels to die and, eventually, to be absorbed by the body. This removes the vein from the surface of the skin and eliminates the appearance of the treated spider vein.

What are spider veins?

Spider veins are the smaller version of varicose veins but they can be just as unsightly and bothersome as their bigger counterparts.

How many treatments will I need to get rid of my spider veins?

The number of treatments you will need with CoolGlide depends on how many spider veins you have and how large and/or deep they are. Many patients see major improvement after only one or two treatments.

Does CoolGlide work on all skin tones?

Yes, CoolGlide can treat blue veins in dark, light, and even tanned skin.

How painful are CoolGlide treatments and what is the recovery time like?

CoolGlide treatments are relatively pain-free and there is almost no pain once the treatment is over. However, if you are nervous about pain during treatment, you can discuss the use of a topical anesthetic with your doctor prior to your treatment. Some patients will experience some redness and slight swelling after treatment, but these affects are typical gone within 24 hours. In a very small number of patients, some blistering may occur.

While patients generally refrain from vigorous activity for 24 hours following treatment, most other normal activities can be resumed immediately after treatment.

Can CoolGlide be used to treat anything other than spider veins?

CoolGlide can also be used to treated red spots on other areas of the body.

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