Blue Light Acne Treatments

Blue Light Acne Treatment

If you are bothered by stubborn acne and find that your at-home cleansing routine isn’t doing the trick, ask your dermatologist at Dermatologic Cosmetic & Plastic Surgery about blue light acne treatment.

How does blue light treat acne?

Blue light acne treatments involve exposing the acne-prone areas of the skin to a special blue light, which kills acne-causing bacteria. It is especially useful in treating redness caused by acne. Further, the gentle heat that blue light treatments provide helps oil glands shrink, therefore causing less oil to be produced in the future. Less oil production equals less acne!

How many blue light treatments are necessary?

The number of blue light treatments necessary to clear your skin greatly depends on the amount and severity of your acne. For some patients, treatments will need to be ongoing. For others, once their acne is under control and they begin a doctor-advised cleansing routine at home, acne may be kept at bay.

I’ve seen blue light acne treatments available in stores. Are they the same as the blue light treatment I would receive in your office?

While you can purchase at-home blue light treatment devices, in-office blue light treatments are more aggressive and generally more successful at treating acne. This is because we use a prescription-level topical solution to enhance the affect of the blue light. Also, our in-office machine is usually larger and can treat larger areas in a shorter amount of time.

What is the downtime after an in-office blue light acne treatment?

The downtime after an in-office blue light acne treatment will vary from patient to patient. While there is often no downtime at all when a patient uses an in-home blue light acne treatment device, there is often no downtime at all. However, when we perform blue light acne treatment in the office, we use a stronger device, treat a larger area, and sometimes add treatment-enhancing creams to the treatment areas. In some cases, this means there will be redness and flaking for a few days after treatment.

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