Beautiful skin

Beautiful Skin

Everyone wants to have healthy, vibrant, beautiful skin. It’s a sign of youth and vitality. But no matter what age, gender, or skin tone you are, sometimes your skin isn’t as perfect as you might want it to be. Whether the concerns you have about your skin are genetic, age-related, or a combination of the two, the board certified dermatologists at Dermatologic, Cosmetic, and Plastic Surgery have many different options to help you achieve that skin of your dreams.

Your Skin at Different Ages

Teens Years

The most common complaint we hear from our teenage patients is no surprise to anyone: ACNE! Whether your teen’s acne is mild or severe, it can cause emotional problems and lack of self-esteem at an age that is already full of hurdles. We encourage our patients to bring their teenagers to see us when acne first starts to appear, even if it is mild. We can help your teen develop a facial and body cleansing routine that will help keep acne at bay and, if necessary, discuss options for treating more serious acne with you and your teen.

20s and 30s

If you are in your 20s and 30s and are wondering when you’re going to be rid of teenage acne, don’t worry – you’re not alone. Contrary to what many people believe, acne doesn’t stop the minute you turn 20! We can help you develop a cleansing routine appropriate for your age that will help keep acne at bay and stave off the effects of aging. We can also help address acne scars from your earlier years.

40s and upward

Just when the acne finally subsides, you start noticing the effects of aging. It’s a cruel world! But we can help your skin age gracefully by treating fine lines and wrinkles as they develop and offering more intense skin treatments for more severe skin issues related to aging, from restoring skin elasticity, to lightening age spots, to enhancing facial features as needed.

From teen acne to age spots and cheek implants to microlipoinjections, the doctors at Dermatologic Cosmetic & Plastic Surgery have a variety of options to help you achieve the skin you want to have and to protect your skin and your skin health over the years.

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