Areas Liposculpture can treat

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Different forms of:

Liposuction and lipo-sculpture can be used. Some of the common areas treated with lipo-sculpture

The most common areas include:

  • Double chin: a little entry point is made  on the back of the earlobes and immediately beneath the chin . The area needs to be compressed for at least 3 days for 24 hours per day. THe cost is $2500.
  • Buffalo hump: This is a bad term for the fat that accumulates on the upper back. It can be seen in diabetes, or other conditions like HIV. a few entry poiints are made. The cost is $2500
  • The flap under the Arms: some call this their bat wings. It can easily be reduced if there is not too much excess skin with liposculpturing. The price is $4000
  • Man boobs: entry point is made within the axilla and at the areola. The cost is $4000
  • Women’s breast:The entry point is made at the areola and axilla to reduce the size of the breasts without leaving a major scar. Cost is $4000
  • Area above the navel:  The entry point can be in the umbilicus or the sides of the belly.Cost is $2500
  • Area below the navel:  The entry point can be in the lower umbilicus and the inguinal folds.Cost is $2500
  • The Love handles: entry point can be in multiple sites. The cost is $4000
  • The fat rolls of the bra: cost is $4000
  • The  FUPA: cost is $2500
  • Buttock area: cost is $4000
  • Saddle bags: Q $4000
  • Inside of the thighs: Q $4000
  • The area of the knee Q $4000
  • Ankle area: Q $4000

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