Scientists have discovered that the reason we find full lips attractive is actually biological: we think of full, luscious lips as denoting youth and vitality. But as we age, our lips thin and they lose collagen, the material that keeps them plump and unwrinkled. And some of us never had a choice in the first place: our genetics determine the size and fullness of our lips, as they do most of our other features. But these days science can give you what nature didn’t or what age has taken away.

If you are yearning for fuller lips because yours are naturally thin or if your lips have lost volume over time, you might be a great candidate for Allo Derm.

What is AlloDerm?

AlloDerm is one of the options for people seeking plumper lips. AlloDerm is implanted in a patient’s lips in order to create fuller and smoother lips. As your adjusts to the implanted material, it grows new tissue and blood vessels so the long term effects of AlloDerm are actually products of your own body.

AlloDerm is a collagen fiber removed from human donor tissue .AlloDerm, like other transplant materials, is strictly supervised by the FDA and the transplanted material will eventually fuse with your own tissue and become a natural part of your lips. AlloDerm leaves your lips soft and supple, just like lips should be, and has a very low risk of inflammatory response or allergic reaction because it is human tissue.

What is the recovery time from AlloDerm treatments?

It is normal for patients to experience swelling and sometimes bruising for anywhere from a few days to a few weeks after an AlloDerm procedure. You should be able to wear lipstick / lipgloss within a day or two, as you resume normal activities. Generally, patients find that receiving an AlloDerm treatment is relatively painless.

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