What are advantages of local anesthesia vs general anesthesia for facial plastic surgery?

The Dr. C Experience:  Plastic surgery procedures without general anesthesia in Chicago

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The Safer Alternative To Going Under When Doing Facial Plastic Surgery

Dr. Caughlin has become “known” for performing facial surgery procedures in clinic.  

  • That means it prevents the patient from having an IV, from having the hangover of general anesthesia.
  • It shortens recovery time.
  • It lessens the costs
  • It’s overall safer for the patients.

You may ask, “but doesn’t it hurt?”.

Dr. C has trained extensively in head and neck surgery and has proven techniques to “block” the face with local anesthesia. He sought out and specifically trained with dentist, cancer surgeons, anesthesiologist, oculoplastic surgeons and general surgeons to perfect this technique! He has even consulted with massage therapist to maximize the patient experience. The patients are comfortable and rested. He does not move forward until everything is completely numb. He is even now teaching other surgeons on his techniques and the “Dr. C experience”

The DrC experience:

At your preoperative visit you will conveniently be given your prescriptions if required for the procedure. Certain procedures require antibiotics, washes or antivirals. We also give a prescription for ativan or valium to make you comfortable the day of surgery. That way you can have the prescriptions at home and bring them to the office the day of surgery. If you take these medications you will need to have a trusted ride home.

On the day of surgery you will be met by our front desk staff and offered coffee, water or tea. A coffee by the windows facing millennium park (the Bean) is a great spot to start the day. We will then take you to an examination room. Dr.C will come in and greet you and confirm the operation and consent forms prior to taking any medications.  After this you can take the valium or pain medication by mouth if that was the plan that was created specifically for you.  You will be given a gown and a warm clean blanket. We will take you to the surgical suite and you will get set for the operation. Our comfortable and adjustable surgical chair is set to your liking. A warm slightly wet towel is placed along the forehead and eyes almost like a massage. Music is on and patients feel rested after the procedure.

Topical numbing cream is applied to the “block” sites that Dr.C will perform himself. Local and tumescent anesthesia is then administered. That will be given time to set in. We will ask you if the temperature is comfortable and adjust as needed. Often times we use the patient’s cell phone and music and play it throughout the surgical suite during the case. So make a good playlist prior to coming!

When the numbing medication has set in which we confirm by lightly touching each area the procedure can begin. This will depend on which procedure you and Dr. C have chosen. Each procedure requires different blocking techniques developed as stated above.

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