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The Office Of Dr. Omeed Memar & Dr. Benjamin Caughlin

Dr. Memar and Dr. Caughlin have joined forces to offer a multidisciplinary approach to cosmetic and plastic surgery for patients. Because Dr. Memar and Dr. Caughlin were trained in different sub-specialities of their field, as a team they are able to offer patients more treatment options and, ultimately, more satisfying outcomes.

We would love to meet you and learn more about what you would like to see improved about your appearance. Generally, Dr. Memar and Dr. Caughlin meet with patients individually but in certain cases they meet with potential patients as a team. When the doctors work as a team, they can assess your body and facial needs in the same visit.

Remember: your first consultation is always free at Dermatologic Cosmetic and Plastic Surgery in Chicago so call or email us today to get started.

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